Sakya Wara monastery is famous in Tibet, for the place of peacock (auspicious bird in Tibetan Tantra) spread its tail and the Wara River goes around here as twins golden fish. The great Founder Guru Chogyal Phagpa had turned wheel of Dharma here and left the statue of Protector Gampo with knife and other precious gems.

Wara Monastery is one of the main monastery of Sakya lineage. It was belonged to White Bon Religion and transformed into Sakya Tradition by Chogyal Phagpa, who bestowed several supreme Buddha status and guardian statues here.It had been the ancestral monastery of Dege Jarbo.
H.E. Dangqu Denpa became monk here in his childhood. Several generations of Sakya Trizin and Sakya Khenpos used to spread Dharma and benefit beings here.

The Dharma teachings in Wara monastery are Sakya Lamdre chiefly, and the Non-sectarian teachings of Dzogchen, Mahamudra.
There are over 200 monks presently.