On the memorize day of Samantabhadra in 1958, Genzon Chenlin Chokyi Gyaltsen Rinpoche was born in Yushu district of Kham, a number of auspicious signs accompanied his coming. He was recognized as the reincarnation of H.E. Dangqu Denpa by Jamyang Khyentse Trokyi Lodro, hence Guru Namwang Chokpel Songpo and Guru Jamyang Thupten Chokyi Gyaltso confirmed this reincarnation again.

Rinpoche visited many respected lamas of Nyingma, Sakya, Kagyu and Gelu schools, and practiced diligently. After more than 10 years retreat, he attained realization.

For the benefit of all, he learned Tibetsn medical by himself and get the professional title of the doctor, had cured the patients free of charge for 20 years.On the pressing invitation of Guru Ngawang Chokpel Songpo and all the monksof Wara Dechen monastery, Rinpoche was throned as the Abbot of Wara Dechen monastery in July of 1997. The local officials attended the enthronement ceremony and reconfirm him as Tulku before 1959.                             

Rinpoche restored many retreat shelters and offering to construct monasteries of different transmissions. In 1998 he wished to set up a Buddhism college. With the support of his diciples. The college was finished in two years, He hopes the student monks can study in heart and be the qualifiers as quick as possible.
In addition to preside over the great ritual regularly, conduct the construction of the college, Rinpoche also gave initiations and teachings to the disciples outside Tibet.                                          

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