Sakya Wara Buddhism College situates in Jiangda County of Changdu District of Tibet, on the side of Wara Monastery. It was established by Genzon Chenlin Trokyi Gyaltsen Rinpoche, that is a large non-sectarian Buddhism College, It is also the largest Buddhism College of Sakya in Tibet at present.

The College has 300 dormitories and over 15 thousand square meters. The hall can hold more than a thousand people to recite Sutras and practice.

Its function would be to provide high quality training in theory, the experience of practice and spread the pure lineages extensively. The College opened in September of 2001.


The college paid more attention on teachers, all the Khenpos of the college were selected from the famous Khenpos of Sakya and Remay transmission .     

The present Khenpo Dempa Daji is the outstanding Khenpo of Sakya monastery, graduated from Zonsar Buddhism college.
    Khenpo Padma Dangqu is the disciple of Guru the 2nd Jamyang Khyentse.
    Pengtso Ranjra is Khenpo of Zonsar Buddhism college.



The main courses in this college is The Thirteen treatises of the Two Supreme and Six Ornaments, other treatises of Khenpo Yanga and Gorampa Sonam Sengge; Common subjects for monks of the necessary ability, (Chinese, English, geography, medical etc.) also should be studied. Students pass the examination will get the scholarship. 


A Plan of Construction

The college will be supplied with electric in 2003, and then the electric equipments can be used. The lesson of computer will be started. The waterworks and mineral water factory would be constructed.

Before 2004, the telephone will be installed, the Wara River bridge will be constructed. The enviroment will be more beautiful in the future.