Dechen monastery is situated on Dechen Mountain, founded by His Eminence Dangqu Denpa.His Eminence led many disciples to enlightenment here, such as Lama Banden Chunpel, Ngawang Chokpel Sonpo, Geler.

H.E. Dangqu Denpa organized more than 300 craftsmen for 30 years to carve the whole Great Tibetan Scripture and teachings of different Lineage of Tibetan Tantra.

In 1997,the reincarnation of Dangqu Denpa, Genzon Chenlin Chokyi Gyaltsen Rinpoche positioned the Abbot of this monastery, he built the Palace of Gendzonb, in which enshrined the stupas of Sakya Lamdre gurus and thousand statues of Dakinis.       

All of the monks in Dechen monastery undertook at least 5 years retreat. Dozens of young monks of this monastery are studying the theory systematically, after passing the examination, they can undertake the retreat.


Palace of Gendzonb 
Palace of Dakinis
Ritual of Fast